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Reply synsei
9:08 AM on January 26, 2014 
Thanks for the warm welcome Bob and also thank you so much for this website, it is proving to be very useful indeed..

Since swapping from an SL1210 to the amazing little marvel that is the Technics SL5 one downer has been the apparent lack of information out there concerning this model. I have long been a fan of the effortless sound a well designed linear tracker can produce and yet it has never occurred to me to pull the trigger on one before and now I own one I see a fair amount of potential for modding this wonderful little turntable. Any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated. So far I have discovered that a Blue Horizon TT mat works very well on this deck. It has cleaned up the overall sound immensely.

Reply hootiejohn
12:29 PM on October 18, 2013 
Thanks Bob. I've posted a question in my status box. Perhaps some comments from fellow members would help with this!
Reply Ted G
12:38 PM on June 25, 2013 
Thanks Bob, I'm really enjoying the site.
Reply SA-708
11:13 AM on April 29, 2013 
The Technics 310MC is my favorite, and it will remain on my SL-M3 until it needs to be retipped. On my SL-MA1, where I tend to "roll" cartridges, I've been favoring induced magnet models like the ADC PSX and a couple of Empires. I need to get out some of my HOMC models and give them another listen.
Reply RobHolt
1:57 PM on March 28, 2013 
Hi Bob,
That's a cracking deal. I just tried to order one but can't see any option for overseas shipment. Did you have to email them direct?
Reply RobHolt
12:36 PM on March 28, 2013 
The generators are IIRC identical. I cant find any info on the stylus but it looks very nice under a scope - it look like a parabolic/shibata cut as it has clear faceting cut onto the stone. Not actually tried it yet so I'll give it a spin over the weekend.
Since the 310 died I've been using Grado Green as a stopgap but I'm not too keen on it.
Reply RobHolt
12:02 PM on March 28, 2013 
I have a technics 310MC which came with the SL10.
Sadly some Audio Technica cleaning fluid seems to have dissolved the adhesive on the tip which has sadly left the cantilever. I can get it retipped by VDH but at 600!

I have a NOS Technics P531 cartridge here which i think came stock on lots of the full sized decks. I could sent to you to do some sound clips if you like. I bought it for the body as it can take a SAS.
Reply RobHolt
11:28 AM on March 28, 2013 
Hi Bob,
Thanks for the welcome.
I am an AoS member but only really post on PFM and Steve Hoffman, plus our own site @ Audiosmile.
This site is a much needed resource for those wanting to keep their P mount TTs alive. The sound files are a great idea.
Reply Jose Manuel
6:07 PM on January 14, 2013 
Thanks Bob! I'd like upload some photos of my Stanton L737-S! Thanks for your site! It's wonderful! :)
Reply fscl
10:44 AM on December 20, 2012 
Thanks for the welcome
Reply mscili
4:27 PM on November 22, 2012 
Hi! Thank you for building this site - the idea is great and it helps a lot!

I the Technics SL-7 was my second turntable, after the Dual. I got a Jico SAS stylus for the EPC-P22, and I always felt that it sounds very detailed but lacking a bit of coherence and balance. I think there is some resonance/distortion in a wrong place in the higher register, and it must be a physical resonance, not an electric one, since even drastic changes in the capacitance and/or resistance load don't bring a "solution" to my ears. Now, after listening to a few samples on your website, I can confirm that it's not my cartridge, my stylus or my turntable having some unknown problem: that's what a P22 offers. Even the original Technics stylus sounds very similar to the SAS (same Boron cantilever...).

The Luxman PX101 requires a bit of work in order to make the arm transport less noisy (it really "bumps" when moving), the Beogram 8000 requires as soon as possible a new cartridge (Soundsmith... But expensive!) and a revision of the electric part (slight speed changes, probably due to aging capacitors or damaged tacho-disc). So... A lot of work!

Anyway, I'm gong to get in the next days some test records with pink noise and I'll be able to calculate the frequency response on the EPC-P22 on the SL-7 (with different loading options). It will take some time (too many things to do tight now) but I'll keep you posted with the results of the test.

Thanks for your great job!