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What's on this site . . .

  • Free FLAC Demo files of selected p-mount cartridges
  • Information about p-mount cartridges

Why is this here?

People are increasingly returning to playing LP records, or starting playing from new, by buying secondhand turntables. Large numbers of linear tracking turntables - mostly made by Technics - are coming back into use. Questions are often asked on h-fi forums about the cartridges available for use with these decks - which use a different mounting method (p-mount) to normal pivoted tonearms. This site hopes to provide a source of information for allowing users of p-mount decks to get the most out of them.

One of the problems about phono cartridges (of any sort, let alone p-mount) is that it's very hard to hear them before you buy. On this site you'll find downloadable files recorded with a selection of p-mount cartridges to help you gauge the sonic characteristics different models. A variety of different musical genres are recorded, with the same track being used for each cartridge model.

Some of the cartridges are current models, others are new-old-stock that may still be available from some outlets. 

If, having read this far, you're still not sure what a p-mount is, look here for an explanation.

What musical types are represented in the demo files?

You'll find:

  • Female vocal
  • Afrobeat
  • Big band jazz
  • Jazz Fusion
  • Orchestral
  • Baroque
  • Piano
  • 1970s synth + band

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Many thanks to the owners of cartridges who have loaned them for recording the demo files. 

Photos of many of the turntables on this site have been gathered together from around the web. If any copyright has been infringed, and the owner wishes the images removed please comment in the Gallery and the image will be taken down.

Phonostages for the enthusiast

p-mount.net uses Graham Slee phonostages , which give great performance at their price points. 

Check out Graham Slee's phono amps here.  Graham Slee also makes some of the best headphone amps around.

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